2020-02: Last Updated

Sonos lists their streaming services available in Canada at Streaming Music.


  • Amazon MusicWikipedia
    • Standard consumer-facing music service, from Amazon. CAD pricing.
  • Apple MusicWikipedia
    • Standard consumer-facing music service, from Apple. CAD pricing.
  • DeezerWikipedia
    • Standard consumer-facing music service. CAD pricing.
  • Google Play MusicWikipedia
    • Google’s music streaming service and online music locker. Includes access to YouTube Music.
  • NapsterWikipedia
    • Standard consumer-facing music service. CAD pricing.
  • SpotifyWikipedia
    • Standard consumer-facing music service, market leader. CAD pricing.
  • TidalWikipedia
    • Standard consumer-facing music service. Fairly large reach. CAD pricing.
  • YouTube MusicWikipedia
    • Google’s music streaming service and online music locker. Includes access to Google Play Music.

Artist Platforms

  • BandcampWikipedia
    • Direct support of artists via music purchases. Currency depends on artist.
  • MixcloudWikipedia
    • User-uploaded radio shows, DJ mixes and podcasts. USD pricing.
  • radionomyWikipedia
    • Free with ads service for providing online radio stations.
  • SoundCloudWikipedia
    • Streaming service focused on providing distribution platform for musicians. CAD pricing.
  • Spreaker
    • Distribution service for podcasters. Free streaming service for listeners. USD pricing.

Audiobooks & Podcasts


  • 7digitalWikipedia
    • B2B. Opaque services and pricing.
  • Cloud Cover Music
    • Streaming music for businesses. USD pricing.
  • Custom Channels
    • Streaming music for businesses.
  • deliver.media
    • B2B. Opaque services and pricing.
  • Epidemic Spaces
    • Curated playlists for business. € pricing.
  • hotelradio.fm
    • Curated streaming music programs focused on businesses. Pricing in CHF.
  • Rockbot
    • Opaque pricing.
  • Soundmachine
    • Streaming music for business use. USD pricing.
  • Soundtrack Player
    • Mood-based music for business. Curated selection or can import Spotify playlists. USD pricing.
  • storePlay
    • Curated music for businesses. AUD pricing. Probably not actually available in Canada.
  • Tribe of NoiseWikipedia
    • Digital licensing service for musicians. Offers an in-store music service for businesses. Opaque pricing and services.


Cloud Access

  • My Cloud Home
    • Cloud storage by Western Digital.
  • PlexWikipedia
    • Self-hosted client-server media player system. Sonos allows playback of your Plex music collection on your Sonos devices.


  • AnghamiWikipedia
    • Arabic-focused consumer music service. Pricing (USD) is less than top tier services.
  • Gaana.comWikipedia
    • Indian music streaming service. CAD pricing, roughly half the cost of western streaming services.
  • Radio Javan
    • Persian and Iranian music streaming service. USD pricing, roughly half the cost of western streaming services.
  • saavnWikipedia
    • Indian music streaming service. USD pricing, roughly half the cost of western streaming services.

Internet Radio

Live Recordings

  • LivePhishWikipedia
    • Phish music. USD pricing.
  • nugs.net
    • Streaming service for live recordings. USD pricing.
  • Relisten
    • Free streaming of over 100 bands' concerts. Entirely open source platform.
  • Wolfgang’sWikipedia
    • Service focused on live concert recordings. USD pricing.

Public Broadcast


  • CalmWikipedia
    • Mindfulness meditation products. USD pricing, with lifetime plan available.
  • Calm Radio
    • Canadian company. Calm music and sounds of nature channels. CAD pricing.
  • Focus@WillWikipedia
    • Music for focusing. Standard streaming service pricing in USD.
  • Hearts of SpaceWikipedia
    • Various subscription levels granting access to 1000+ episode archive and nine channels for streaming background music. USD pricing.
  • Radio Art
    • Stress relief music, 120 music channels, 24 sounds of natural sounds. Pricing in €.


  • FamilyStream
    • Christian music. Only seems to have a Dutch language website, and pricing in €.
  • FIT RadioWikipedia
    • DJ curated workout playlists. Can search by BPM! Low-cost for premium option. USD pricing.
  • Hype MachineWikipedia
  • Last.fmWikipedia
    • Tracks plays of music from other services and provides recommendations. Free. Owned by CBS.
  • Minidisco
    • Music for children. Low cost pricing in €.
  • RUSC
    • Classic old-time radio shows. Not-for-profit, family-run service. Roughly half the regular cost of non-specialty streaming services. USD pricing.
  • SiriusXMWikipedia
    • Satellite radio service with streaming available.
  • Stingray musicWikipedia
    • Curated music channels. Free with your TV subscription. Canadian.
  • Worldwide FM
    • Radio platform exploring arts music and culture from around the world.

Terrestrial Radio

  • DAR.fm
    • Cloud recording of broadcast radio shows. Various subscription levels. USD pricing.
  • Global Player
    • Plays Global-owned UK-based terrestrial radio stations.
  • Hit NetworkWikipedia
    • Australian radio channels focused on hits. Free with ads.
  • iHeartRadioWikipedia
    • Plays various terrestrial stations. Franchised by Bell in Canada.
  • myTuner RadioWikipedia
    • Plays terrestrial radio stations.
  • PowerApp
    • Plays terrestrial radio stations from Turkey.
  • Radio.comWikipedia
    • Service for Entercom terrestrial radio stations. Free with ads.
  • radio.net
    • Service for terrestrial radio stations. Free with ads.
  • RadioplayerWikipedia
    • Free streaming service for Canadian terrestrial radio stations.
  • radioPupWikipedia
    • Free streaming service for Townsquare Media terrestrial radio stations.
  • Triple MWikipedia
    • Australian terrestrial radio network. Free with ads.
  • TuneInWikipedia
    • Radio and podcast streaming service. Large content library. Premium subscription provides live professional sports. USD pricing.