I’d been bouncing around the idea of a standing desk for health/comfort reasons for quite some time, but having a quality desk and chair already, I wasn’t particularly motivated to do anything about it. Finally after moving to a location with an IKEA for the first time in my life, I hit up Google for ways to build a standing desk setup without any power tools.

Eventually I settled on using the IKEA Hackers: Galant Standing Desk post as a basis for my desk.


  • 1 x Galant Desk 160 cm x 80 cm with frame (I wanted a larger desk than the one in the IKEA Hackers post)
  • 1 x Galant Table Top 160 cm x 80 cm (no frame, just the table top from above)
  • 4 x Galant A-Leg
  • 5 x Ekby Töre brackets (I used an extra bracket in the middle of the desk in the back, because of the extra size and weight)
  • 1 x Galant Drawer
  • 1 x Summera Pull-out Keyboard Shelf
  • 5 x 5/8" Flathead Wood Screws

This worked quite well for some time, until I upgraded my keyboard to the Kinesis Advantage. For optimal use of this keyboard, I had to lower the height of the desk, which necessitated the creation of a monitor stand to raise the height of my monitor. Again, I used IKEA Hackers: $12 Monitor Stand as a basis for my build.


I’ve been using the above setup for half a year now, with few complaints. Because of the size, it’s a bit difficult to clean of dust, if I moved it to the center of a room rather than a corner, this should get easier. Otherwise, as a standing desk, I’m loving it, I can’t see myself moving back to a seated desk.

Next time I move, if it’s within driving distance, this setup should be fairly easy to disassemble, otherwise I can just build a new one at my destination, assuming an IKEA is present.

Update: Added a couple pieces to help with cable management: