In an ideal world I’d simply eschew Adobe products and use Evince and/or PDF.js for my PDF requirements. Unfortunately I require Adobe’s COM Interop for some Windows development projects I’m involved with. Although Acrobat Reader continues its march towards bloated, big-brother adware, Adobe does provide a customization wizard for enterprise deployments that allows much of cruft to be disabled, which can be used as follows:

  1. Adobe Customization Wizard DC Windows (both tracks)
  2. Acrobat Reader DC Continuous Track (Get the file for your language to save some space/time.)
  1. Install the Adobe Customization Wizard.
  2. Run the wizard and select the Acrobat Reader DC msi file.
  3. Observe Adobe’s attention to HiDPI detail in the screenshots below and select the options you wish:

  4. Generate tranform (ADOBETRANSFORM.mst) file and save. (Create an empty setup.ini file if the wizard whines about it being missing.)
  5. At the command line run:
  6. Open services.msc to disable the “Adobe Acrobat Update Service”.
  7. Open the task schedular to disable “Adobe Acrobat Update Task”.
  8. Open Acrobat Reader DC, open Preferences, General pane, under “Messages from Adobe” deselect “Show me messages when I launch Adobe Acrobat Reader DC” and select “Don’t show messages while viewing a document”.
  9. Uninstall Acrobat Customization Wizard DC.