I recently went microwave shopping, starting with The Sweethome’s The Best Microwave guide. GE, in their wisdom, doesn’t sell any of the reviewed models in Canada, making comparison shopping impossible.

Not only that, but of the seven countertop microwaves GE sells in Canada, every single one of them is 1.1 ft³, with no comparable models to the 1.6 and 0.7 ft³ picks from The Sweethome. These range from a 1.1 ft³ 1000 W model for $107 to an 1.1 ft³ 800 W “professional series” microwave for $328 (both in stainless steel). How do these two models compare to each other, and the other five? I have no idea, and GE doesn’t provide any helpful information. How do they stack up against the American models? Again, I have no real idea, but certainly not well considering their size, lack of power, and price. (Compared to 150 USD for the 1.6 ft³ 1150 W pick, 91 USD for the 0.7 ft³ 700 W pick.)

Of the only two(!) microwave brands that The Sweethome even deem worth testing, Panasonic is the alternative to GE. Thankfully, Canadian Costco carries a 1.2 ft³ 1200 W model that looks broadly comparable to what’s available in America, and at a reasonable price. Now I remember why I signed up as a Costco member in the first place - the miserable experience of trying to comparison shop specs and prices for car batteries.