For years, I’d avoided Amazon Prime, on the basis that its primary benefit — free fast shipping for low dollar-value orders — wasn’t useful to me. I’m patient, and could always wait until I had a large enough order to qualify for free shipping. However, with Microsoft shuttering Groove Music Pass, I was left without a streaming music service. The various alternatives are either ad-supported (a non-starter), or in the $10/month range for a subscription. I have an extensive offline music collection, so primarily use a streaming music service when I’m playing radio-like music for people, often away from my home where I don’t have access to my offline collection. With this paticular use, a $79 Prime Membership gives me Amazon Music for roughly $7/month, with all the additional benefits of Prime as a bonus.

My thoughts on the various features of Amazon Prime in Canada, several months in:

Prime Video

Aggravating to use. Requires turning on various DRM features to use in a web browser. Limited to 1080p in browser. Amazon doesn’t sell any 4K/UHD capable Fire TV devices in Canada.

Prime Photos

Looks promising, haven’t had a chance to try yet.

Early Access to Deals

Hasn’t been of any use. I don’t buy anything from Amazon’s Daily Deals section. I decide on purchases first, and then wait for deals on those specific items. Amazon’s deals tend not to be on the type of purchases I’ve already selected for purchase.

Shipping Benefits

Nice bonus, more convenient than I expected. Extra unforseen bonus where instead of waiting until I have enough items to qualify for free shipping, I can wait until the particular item(s) I want are on sale.

Prime Music

Works as expected. For given radio channels, seems to repeat songs more than I’d expect given 2 million track library.

Member Exclusive Discount

Discounts and price guarantee to pre-ordering video games. I exclusively buy digital games, so irrelevant to me.

Twitch Prime

I don’t really get Twitch. However, this is the only way to get ad-free Twitch, so if I ever were to use Twitch, this would be a necessary prerequisite.

Discounts Compliments of Amazon Family

20% off diaper subscriptions. Looks great if I had a child.